Our chapter is very appreciative to the following individuals who have given their time to lead our chapter and promote our designation.

1988-1989Connie Bobo, CCIM
1990Barry R. Moore, CCIM
1991Charlie Mack, CCIM
1992William A. Gayler, CCIM
1993-1994Soozi Jones Walker, CCIM, SIOR
1995Jack A. Rappaport, CCIM
1996Charlie Mack, CCIM
1997-1998Stephen J. Hoopes, CCIM, GRI
1999-2000Philip Robbins
2001-2002Andrew S. Levy, CCIM, CPM
2003Lucinda Stanley, CCIM, CPM
2004E. Thomas Naseef, CCIM, SIOR
2005Soozi Jones Walker, CCIM, SIOR
2006Jan Hoback, CCIM
2007Miriam Campos-Root, CCIM, LEED AP
2008Devin Lee, CCIM
2009Tedd Rosenstein, CCIM
2010Carol Cline-Ong, CCIM
2011Bobbi Miracle, CCIM, SIOR
2012Ryan Martin, CCIM, SIOR
2013Brian Sorrentino, CCIM
2014Cathy Jones, CCIM, SIOR
2015Robin Civish, CCIM
2016Jarrad Katz, CCIM, SIOR
2017Phillip Dunning, CCIM
2018Christopher McGarey, CCIM, CPM®
2019Jennifer Ott, CCIM
2020Ryan Martin, CCIM, SIOR
2021Adam Gregory, CCIM