Our chapter is very appreciative to the following individuals who have given their time to lead our chapter and promote our designation.

1988-1989 Connie Bobo, CCIM
1990 Barry R. Moore, CCIM
1991 Charlie Mack, CCIM
1992 William A. Gayler, CCIM
1993-1994 Soozi Jones Walker, CCIM, SIOR
1995 Jack A. Rappaport, CCIM
1996 Charlie Mack, CCIM
1997-1998 Stephen J. Hoopes, CCIM, GRI
1999-2000 Philip Robbins
2001-2002 Andrew S. Levy, CCIM, CPM
2003 Lucinda Stanley, CCIM, CPM
2004 E. Thomas Naseef, CCIM, SIOR
2005 Soozi Jones Walker, CCIM, SIOR
2006 Jan Hoback, CCIM
2007 Miriam Campos-Root, CCIM, LEED AP
2008 Devin Lee, CCIM
2009 Tedd Rosenstein, CCIM
2010 Carol Cline-Ong, CCIM
2011 Bobbi Miracle, CCIM, SIOR
2012 Ryan Martin, CCIM, SIOR
2013 Brian Sorrentino, CCIM
2014 Cathy Jones, CCIM, SIOR
2015 Robin Civish, CCIM
2016 Jarrad Katz, CCIM, SIOR
2017 Phillip Dunning, CCIM
2018 Christopher McGarey, CCIM, CPM®
2019 Jennifer Ott, CCIM
2020 Ryan Martin, CCIM, SIOR
2021 Adam Gregory, CCIM
2022 Bobbi Miracle, CCIM, SIOR
2023 Paul Chaffee, CCIM